Spinal Surgery Treatment in India

It belongs to the treatment of spinal cord as spinal disc displacement, tumour, abnormal structure of the spinal curve and some other spinal defects. For each problem of spine different treatments are available here in India which is providing by angel healthcare to our medical tourist from the middle east. It is a very complicated procedure percolated by doctors to taken care of spinal diseases of various forms. The cost for the spinal surgery treatment in India even is one-sixth of what is in western countries. Usually, doctors do not recommend this surgery until it has an alternative. This surgery is generally performed for the following results:-

  • Better movements of the body
  • More physically fit
  • Ease from back pain
  • Helps in decompress the nerves of the spinal cord
  • To decrease deformity

Cause:- In general neck pain can show degenerative spine decease such as in the cervical spine, the nerves elongated from the spinal cord and pass through the vertebrae than to other parts of the body. Sometimes impairment of these nerves that are between vertebrae leads for further problem of severe pain, which shows the necessity of spinal surgery. another reason is lower back pain for the performance of this surgery, usually, the surgeon removes that part of spinal bone or disc by high powered microscopes where the problem exists. This procedure is known as minimally invasive technique and is recommended for quick recovery of the patient. Excluding above mentioned there may be many other causes where spinal surgery becomes a necessity for doctors to perform.

Kind of Spinal Surgery Treatment :

Spinal Fusion:- Spinal fusion need to take place when a patient undergoes with decease like spinal dics herniation, degenerative disc, vertebral fracture, spinal tumour, spondylosis, discogenic pain etc.it is a procedure which is used to join two or more vertebrae of the spine which gives stability to vertebral segment and provide relief from the pain. A patient of such decease needs to stay at least 4 days in the hospital. For complete rehabilitation and recovery as a medical tourist one should have to stay for at least 3 weeks in India. Here we angel healthcare will let you meet with the top performing doctors of this medical segment at most affordable cost, which varies with the kind of procedure is chosen for surgery. Spinal fusion is itself of many kinds like posterior lumbar interbody fusion, posterolateral gutter fusion, anterior lumbar interbody fusion.

Herniated Disc Surgery:- a lot of smoking, excessive driving hours, lifting heavy objects and sometimes because of aging herniated disc or slipped disc occurs. It is the last stage of spine degeneration, can happen at any stage and early signs of it is severe back pain. Rest and medication is the first treatment for this problem. The surgery takes place as the last choice of doctors when the problem persistently appears after six weeks of medical treatment or physiotherapy. Techniques for surgical treatment of herniated disc are available like discectomy, percutaneous discectomy, laminotomy, etc, therefore patient who is not responding to nonsurgical methods of treatment can be considered for herniated disc surgery. The patient needs to stay here for a month in which surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation are including.

Cervical Spine Surgery:- A preferred contact from top spinal surgeons and in best hospitals in Delhi can be the easiest solution for a medical tourist who is patient of cervical spine dysfunction. This surgery is advised for the patients who are suffering from severe pain and inflammation that extends from neck to shoulder, arms or back to breasts. The treatment can be done through decompression and fusion. Stay of approx two weeks is needed for surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation before going back to your town and cost is depending on the condition of patients in general.

Excluded from the above written there are many other kinds of surgery and best spinal surgeon with top infrastructure and aftercare available here in Delhi. We angel healthcare promises you a stress-free medical tour with our outstanding team and best telephonic and email support. We invite you for free consultancy even.