Oncology deals with the treatment of cancer, we angel healthcare have experienced team which helps patients to get effective and appropriate solution for oncology treatment in India, we ensure the patients for as soon as a possible recovery in health and even resolves the psychological distress from patients. There is n number of patients who visit for cancer treatment in India. Angel health care is providing all-inclusive care of cancer in best hospitals with advanced technology. The human body is made up of cells these cells divide to make new ones that are need of the human body. Cancer takes place when the generation of cells becomes uncontrollable. Cancer can spread in other parts of the body including bones, lung, brain or liver. Cancer at its initial state does not cause pain generally but one should know a few symptoms regarding it

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Eating discomfort
  • Painful urination
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge
  • Cough in excess
  • Skin texture changes


Causes:- Body’s cell undergoes changes at the genetic level and does not function in a way as they are programmed. apart from it many carcinogenic factors occur in our daily life like alcohol, tobacco, processed food, exposure to ultraviolet radiations people ignore the harmful effects of these carcinogenic products and making them the first reason for cancer day by day.carcinogens rapidly changes the healthy cells into mutant cell and those cells generate tumour or leukemia which is blood cancer. In addition to environmental factors, genetics also play an important role according to doctors. Although types of cancer can be uncountable because it can be in any part of the body but few of them are given below.

Types of Cancer Treatment in India :

Central Nervous System Cancers:- cancers which take place in the tissue of spinal cord and brain are central nervous system cancers. The brain is the CPU of human body cancer in the brain can impact on thought process, movement, memory, and emotions. Nausia, vomiting, headache seizures are the few primary warning signs for this.

Leukemia:- Blood cancer is another name for leukemia, it is often found in adults of more than fifty but most common in children of less than fifteen. Leukemia itself is of many types and its cures also depend accordingly. Except leukemia blood cancer has another kind named lymphoma and multiple myeloma. leukemia basically affects bone marrow which is the production house of blood.

Carcinoma:- This type of cancer normally occurs in cells that make up the skin for example liver or kidney.carcinoma is also like other cancers in which abnormal growth cells is the center point.

Apart from above mention kinds of cancer common cancer types according to national cancer institute are bladder, breast, pancreatic, thyroid, uterine, prostate cancer. The oncology treatment types of different kind of cancers are different like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted drug therapy, and immunotherapy. We will let you deal with the best hospitals in Delhi for every kind of treatment. Our team will support you at every step in the medical tour.