Heart decease in general refers to irregularity or abnormality of heart which is a hard muscular organ which provides blood to all parts of the body.  None of the other countries is capable to have a comparison with India regarding the treatment of heart deceases.we have world-class facilities, infrastructure, doctors, and technology with skills & experience that angel healthcare will make you available in your medical tourism. the top cardiac hospitals and best in class medical facilities provide proficient care to the patient at a reasonable cost. In India, the cardiac surgery success rate is very good because of experienced and best doctors in this field. Use of most advanced technology is also an addition. There are many kinds of heart decease which can affect the organ like heart failure, pulmonary stenosis, mitral valve prolapse, coronary artery decease, arrhythmia however the symptoms are depending upon the condition which is affecting an individual. when cardiac treatment is necessary few symptoms of cardiac-related decease are the following:-

  • Chest pain is a common symptom of many hearts deceases
  • Heartburn and stomach ache
  • Heavy sweating
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Chest to arm pain, neck, and jaw
  • Breathlessness and high heartbeat

Causes:- few of the heart problems are genetic and few are such that the person is born with. The heart is situated in left or little bit in the center of the chest, having the size of a human fist. it is divided into two parts which separate blood as pure or impure. There may be various causes for different heart problems like for abnormal heartbeat diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, smoking, and drug abuse are responsible. For cardiomyopathy thickening of the heart muscle is the reason it may inherit or can be developed over time with high blood pressure and aging .heart infection can also be a disease since sometimes bacteria, virus, and parasites may infect the heart. Obesity and overweight is a contemporarily most important cause for cardiac attack or related medical conditions.

Types of cardiac disease:- from a number of cardiac diseases few are following

Angioplasty:- angioplasty or coronary artery disease takes place in major blood vessels of the heart.in cad arteries of the heart becomes cramp because of deposition of calcium and fat or cholesterol on the walls of arteries which disturbs the normal blood flow into the heart or to other parts of the body. The process of angioplasty is done when a patient is suffering from coronary artery disease by the minimally invasive procedure to relieve the blockade of blood vessels.kinds of angioplasty includes are balloon angioplasty, stenting, and rotablation where treatment based on the candidate’s condition. as a medical tourist who is patients of this kind of problem need to stay at least a week in India, although overnight stay in hospital is enough. further few days for recovery are also recommended.

Cardiac bypass:- heart bypass surgery in India is such a level of affordability that people from western countries even choose us for cardiac surgeries. It is very complicated, lifesaving and complex surgery which is normally performed by highly experienced and expert in division surgeons. cost of the surgery here is highly affordable with state of art infrastructure and facilities connected to medical care.it may be of two types as per patients problem that is off pump surgery and arrested heart surgery. Angioplasty is the alternative of cardiac bypass surgery in few cases. If angioplasty is failed cardiac surgery is the last option. At least 9 to 10 days are required in the hospital, further, 2 to 3 days for close monitoring for in-depth care are also needed, and in a few weeks, a patient could be fully functional. If you appoint angel healthcare for the purpose you at every moment of your medical tourism and will take you to home town after intensive rehabilitation. Cost for this surgery here is as per the procedure of surgery, patients problem and facility provided us.

Pacemaker implantation:- India’s cardiac surgeons are a gratuity for the people of other countries too. A pacemaker is a device which stimulates the cardiac muscles and regulates the contractions of the heart. It basically regulates the electrical system of cardiac. It is a composition of three parts which are pulse generator leads one or more and an electrode at each lead. Pacemaker insertion is done by the highly skilled and qualified cardiologists in India at one-third cost of what is in western countries.at least 10 days of stay in India is usually needed and cost of implantation is depending on the medical condition of the patient, provided infrastructure and type of pacemaker chosen like a dual chamber or biventricular pacemaker are varying in price.

 Many other heart surgery and treatments are also available as per the patients medical condition.Angel healthcare is inviting and boosts you for free consultation to us and best support in your medical tourism. We highly recommend the medical tourism in india for middle east countries like Iraq, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Chad, Palestine, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Somalia, Oman etc. we will guide at each step of your medical journey like counseling, travel, treatment, accommodation and visa for tour. Apart from that our telephonic and email support is also there for you everytime.