Neurosurgery is a procedure engaged with the treatment and diagnosis of patients with disease or disorder of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves within body parts. Neurosurgery includes surgical and nonsurgical treatment of people suffering from various disorders like skull base and blood supply, pituitary gland, vertebral column, cranial and spinal nerves. Angel Healthcare provides some of the most advanced hospitals in Delhi and nearby region for treatment of neurological disorders. We will let you connect to the best hospitals and doctors for the complete range of neurological conditions.

These surgeries are helpful in relief from following medical cases but are not limited to:-

  • Lower back pain
  • Epilepsy stroke
  • Trauma degenerative  and chronic pain
  • Pinched nerves and sciatica
  • Some of the psychiatric disorder

Causes:- When a neurosurgeon is needed for pediatric and adult, is a complex issue depending upon the type of disease or disorder in patient. The types of condition for diagnose normally go beyond the brain and spinal cord. Neurosurgeon treats dynamic conditions that impact all aspects of the nervous system. Some of the common causes for which leads to the surgery are carotid artery disease, cervical spine disorder, head injury, hydrocephalus, herniated disc, pituitary tumour, lumbar spinal stenosis, brain tumour, vertebral fractures, etc. we angel healthcare will let you connect with most experienced doctors of this field.

Kinds of Neurology and Neurosurgery:-

Epilepsy:- Epilepsy is concerned with the electrical system of the brain and is central nervous system disorder in which the brain’s activity becomes abnormal periodic seizure occurs and often lack of awareness appears.  It can happen at any age but often it is found in 5 to 20 years and is a very common neurological disorder. Epilepsy surgery is most benchmarked treatment for these seizures. In this surgery the surgeon usually cut out brain tissue where the seizure originates, such surgeries are known as resection surgery. Therefore the main purpose of epilepsy surgery is to provide freedom from periodically occurring seizures an impact will depend normally on the form of epilepsy. Generally, The causes of epilepsy are dementia, brain tumour, hemorrhage of the brain, traumatic brain injury and stroke, etc. we are committed to making patients available most cost-effective treatment here in India.

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery:- DBS is most affordable in India in comparison with western countries and available with advanced technologies like pet scan, 3 Tesla MRI, synergy s linac systems and dedicated neurosurgeons in world-class hospitals with top facilities. A surgeon implants a medical device in these kinds of surgeries which is called brain pacemaker, in the skin of chest below the collarbone this device sends electrical impulses to a specific part of the brain for the treatment of nervous system disorder and other diseases. Most often DBS takes place for the cause of Parkinson disease and dystonia. We angel healthcare knows the significance of healthy wellbeing of our clients and give them the best DBS surgery at an honest and reasonable price.

Multiple Sclerosis:- MS is a disease which often disables the central nervous system that disturbs the flow of information in the brain and disconnects the flow between brain and body. The basic cause of multiple sclerosis that the patient’s own immune system attacks the central nerveous system and damages its cells and tissues which slows or stops nerve transmission. The focus of the treatment is to further prevent the disability. Angel healthcare will provide best multiple sclerosis treatment in India.